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Time to Scrap CMS?

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Hi all I come on and off this forum for advice all of the time and enjoy the insight. 

But I've been battling the CMS for a year and have got no where apart from them taking me to court. 

My story in shortish manner⁵ (as I have wrote about it before)

Last August my Ex snatched my 2 girls away from me within my care. 2weeks later she filed for CMS on the basis I didn't have any contact.

In this space I had lost my job, mountains of debt (which was fine with my job at the time), I became self employed working for Amazon but pay is hit and miss each week. 

The whole of last August I received 0 money, in which time I used what ever money I had left for sociltor letters. 

Up until then I had paid over the asking amount to my ex, every month.

CMS took her word as gospel and I tried explaining my situation, no money, debts and I just couldn't pay. 

Once I got a little bit of money and invoices. I paid what I could. While trying to pay court fee's. 

But they just rejected every claim I made. Stating I was earning 380 a week, before tax. When they had proof that some weeks, I got only 80. 

Its been a constant battle with no end. At points they expected me to pay 150 a week. I haven't paid and paid what I can and could. Countless phone calls. Count less invoices sent in. All the time just trying to keep afloat. 

Now I'm being told they are taking me to court. They can't do much. I dont own anything, I dont have money as the money I get goes to keeping myself afloat and paying for my children's uniforms and food for them to eat when I have them. (I won my court case and got what I wanted to a certain extent, but this also means on the days I have them i cannot work) I also have half holidays so I have to provide them with food and activities on the weeks I have them. Plus my ex is one who will just not bring their uniforms and disregards what the courts told her regarding drop offs as this is done through school most of the time. 

So I have had to buy shoes and uniforms so they have something to wear. Also clothes. She only sends them with their clothes on the back so I have had to buy second hand clothes just so they have stuff to wear and trainers as she always sends flip flops. 

Thats where I am at today and ive decided its time for the CMS to be scrapped and changed. 

This scheme is not working and it causes more hurt than good for the majority. 

I will be taking this to my local MP and will be getting a government poll set up. 

But with all the single fathers on here. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the good and the bad and what you would like to see be changed if any. I'd like to start by listing my own problems with the service.

1. The brackets/ bands for night stayed

This is a ridiculous way to sort out how much you pay; this actually discourages dads having them more. They are to broad and open. If a father has his children 154 days a year they have to pay the exact same as someone who has them 110 days.because these are in the same bracket, this is totally unfair.

My situation is I have them 1 day at the weekend and 3days at school. I cant afford to work and pay child care costs as my work is shift work. Non of this is ever considered. 

2. It shouldn't be calculated by nights.

This is such a simple way and basic way of looking at childcare and why count nights as this is in turn is the least cost we as parents have to deal with. We don't pay when they sleep. We pay for the day to day, this is never even considered ever. 

To put it in example is if a parent has them, Friday morning until Sunday tea time. Even though we have had to use our own expenses to cover food and activities for 3 whole days. This only counts as 2 nights.

I suggest that it should be counted as days as this is where the costs are. It needs to be more complex at least not just off a basic scale.

3. It shouldn't come down to how much you earn before tax and expenses should be taken into account.

Why this is even a thing is beyond me, why calculate it off this figure when we never see this money. They basically go off your last tax year so why not calculate it off what you actually earned. 

At no point did the CMS ever ask to know my out goings and financial status, regarding my debts or bills and take this into account, when in reality this should be taken into consideration. Instead of keep threatening me with more and more money. Fees here and there and then court. What actually is the point.

Yes some fathers just outright dont want to pay and should be punished but for those who are just struggling to get by and pay off debts which could have even more serious outcomes, there is nothing for us. Esp us who are between the lines who earn just to much for any type of benefits, but not enough to have free spare cash like myself. 

Maybe this can be seen as controversial but the main carer receives universal credit or working tax credits, they probably get help through other benefits like council tax, they also receive all the child benefits.

Dads or the other partner who wants more access or even half custody but are denied it by the lies the main carer gives in court and has their time cut but is given half holidays like myself, dont receive any benefits or universal credit, 

We still have to fork out for all clothes, uniforms, food, school pack lunches and activities for their children while in our care and yet we have to basically pay for this privilege to spend time with our children.

I'm not against having to pay for the welfare of the child and it is our duty But I believe that the system of the CMS is so basic ots actually ruining peoples lives rather than helping children. 

The greatest example of this is all the fees they put on. The threats of charging you more money. Threatening legal action. Threatening to take away our cars. Like any of this is actually helping the children. This actually is the opposite. If the CMS manage to take away my driving licence, discredit me from even getting a phone contract, how do they actually think I'll be able to make a living to even pay to house my children under a roof. 

Sorry for the long post and rant. I needed to get it off my chest. But this for me is serious concerns and I now want to build a fight back and get this whole one sided useless government department gone once and for all. 

So like I said I'd love to hear your views and what you would change and how many would be with me in trying to get this into the house of commons. 




Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2022 1:17 pm
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I would recommend you share this post in a CMS group that has 10,000 members:

Posted : 20/08/2022 9:02 pm

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