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Am I overreacting? Child Hygiene

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Good Morning All,


Just after some advice please from other fathers. I have a 2 year old boy that I see. On several occasions he has presented with really long, and dirty fingernails. I get him in the morning times, and it's clear he hasn't been cleaned in several days. The dirt is ingrained under his fingernails. There was also an issue with his nappy not being changed in quite some time, I would go as far as to say a day or two at least. He was soaked the whole way through his clothes and in discomfort when he came to me.


Look, I know kids get dirty, but he's a two year old child. How does his mother NOT know and do anything about it? 


I have attached an image of his nails from yesterday. The photo really doesn't do his presentation justice. The nails are literally black. This to me is completely and utterly unacceptable for a two year old to be presented like this. Am I overreacting? There have been issues identified by a Court Social Worker about emotional abuse / harm from his mother.

Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2022 10:04 am
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perhaps you can keep children's services updated with theses issues. I don't think they will raise serious concerns about it.

Posted : 30/10/2022 2:37 pm
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Hello Kontheriver,

I realise that this is some time after your post, but I had a similar experience with a family member years ago, that whenever we saw them they presented with very dirty nails and unbrushed hair. It did upset me at first, but because they lived in very chaotic circumstances and their carer wasn't always on top of things, I just took it upon myself to offer to brush their hair, and then I would suggest that we washed our hands, and I would make a game of it. Then we both had sparkly hands and I knew that for the rest of the time we were with them, they would be clean. As they got older they were able to do their personal care much better. I understand that it is upsetting to see your child like this, I hope that the situation worked out ok for you.

Kind Regards,

Parent Support Team

Posted : 05/10/2023 1:23 pm

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