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[Solved] Kids saying mum hurts them but won’t tell social

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We are going through a tough time right now. We have had multiple disclosures about the mother of my partners children being punched and kicked by their mother. We have reported to police but there is not enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt. After this we have a social worker who is conducting the section 7 report and again we were told about the mum being abusive towards the 8yr old. When the social worker went to talk to him he didn’t share this with them. She is now saying we need to stop coaching the children and whatever is happening at our house needs to stop. We have only ever tried to make sure the children are safe and would never put the children through this. We don’t know how to move forward as he isnt telling social what is going on they are believing we are making things up or he is lying. How do we combat the social worker believing we are doing this and how do we report this in the future of he tells us something like this again.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Topic starter Posted : 03/10/2019 4:14 pm
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is there any physical evidence of violence? bruising, cuts and scratches? would be good if theres way to catch it on phone,video/cctv.

Posted : 04/10/2019 12:42 am
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We have photos and voice recordings of the kids saying they have been hurt but when the social worker spoke to him he said he fell over and the social worker is taking no further action and has decided we are lying or he is lying as he didn’t repeat this to her.

Topic starter Posted : 04/10/2019 12:44 am
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Hi we had this
we took a video of her night terrors and what she was saying about ex
Cafcass turned it around and said we were not comforting her during the video
we stated before and after we were but used a video to prove what was happening
Cafcass have now turned the tables on us - all our fault

Posted : 03/01/2020 5:34 pm
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Best thing to do especially if you are a dad is not to take any videos at all. will never do you any favours , but every chance of been used against yourself

Posted : 03/01/2020 10:47 pm

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