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Living with me, sti...
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Living with me, still be chased for payments

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My son is about to turn 15, beginning of this year he spoke to me and his mum and said he had decided to move in with me in September.  Surprised and delighted, we started planning, his mum emailed and has agreed him moving in and bringing all his stuff and emails of details etc.   

we have a direct pay arrangement for CMS maintenance, you cannot fill in a change of circumstances until the day of the change.  I waited and did this on the 1st September and have stopped my direct debit payments to her.  I’ve just had a message to say my payment is in arrears and will be taken to court if I do not pay!  This is ridiculous, now, am I supposed to continue paying until they respond? - expected case review is November.  If I pay her I won’t get the money back and I now need it as he lives with me.

please help!

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Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2023 9:07 pm
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I suggest you call CMS to sort this out. They may ask your ex to agree for case to be closed.

Also recommend you join this group for paying parents:



Posted : 10/09/2023 11:44 am

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