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Anyone have had to rehome dog after child?

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Hi, I find myself in a corner and need some advice. My wife and I had our second child in Jan putting us in the group of people having two under two. We also have two German shepherds that he had years before having kids. I work a 48 hour shift and then am home for four days. My wife is having major difficulties adjusting to life with two kids and the dogs are stuck at the bottom. She wants me to re home them but I don’t won’t to. She hates the hair and the barking and the general dog behavior. My toddler is obsessed with them and gets in their faces. This is a problem as it’s hard to separate them while handling baby. They uses to get regular exercise but now we don’t have the time. They have started barking at all hours and I have received complaints from the neighbors. Has anyone had to deal with this and what was the outcome?

thanks R. 

Topic starter Posted : 24/03/2021 4:29 pm
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It's difficult to know what to advise. Your wife is obviously having to deal with your children on her own for 48 hours, as well as two large dogs, so I can certainly understand her point of view. However, dogs are also part of the family so it's worth looking at alternatives before you home them. I have come across a website before called borrowmydoggy so it could be worth giving this a look, this might be a way for you to share your dogs with someone else, rather than lose them altogether. There may well be other alternatives, so it could be worth also contacting your local rehoming centre to see if they can suggest any alternatives.

Posted : 24/03/2021 5:01 pm
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could you afford to pay for a dog walker?  If so, that might be an option.  You could google one in your area.  Someone near me walks about six dogs in one go

Posted : 26/03/2021 5:44 pm
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Hello @rmck,

I agree with the others that it must be a dilemma - but I would also just like to offer another suggestion if I may.

 Having two under two year olds and two big dogs is a lot for your wife to deal with whilst you are at work. I would be worried that as friendly as dogs are, and even as well trained and loved dogs are, with young children safety must be a consideration. It would be awful for you all if there was an incident where your eldest was over affectionate with one of your dogs, and for whatever reason your dog turned on them and your wife wasn't able to sort things out because she was busy with baby. PLEASE UNDERSTAND I am in no way suggesting this will be the case, but I really feel it should be something that you and your wife discuss. 

Like the others have said, maybe if you can afford it, that whilst your children are young, your dogs go to someone else to be walked, or locked after, whilst you are at work, which will greatly alleviate the stress for your wife, and give her some dog free time with your children. 

If you decided to go down the re-homing avenue - there is no shame in this! You would be doing something that is healthy for your family and your dogs. As a dog owner myself, I understand how much a part of the family they are, so I appreciate this is really not an easy decision to make. It maybe that getting a dog again when your children are a little older, and perhaps just one dog, that you can all take part in looking after ? We didn't get our dog until our youngest was 6 and we now all look after him, and he is a valued part of the family. 

I hope this helps in some way, and wish you and your family well. 

Kind Regards, Fegans PSV

Posted : 16/04/2021 11:11 am

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