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Mom jealousy issues
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[Solved] Mom jealousy issues

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Hello, I am brand new here. I came here for help in this specific issue:

My wife compares herself to me a lot and gets very upset when she cannot put our 6 month child to sleep. She knows it is easier for me and I feel she is resentful of me for it.
This has been building up since our child was born. Has anyone experienced something similar? Any advice?

Topic starter Posted : 04/01/2020 5:08 am
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hi, and welcome on here.

Have you tried doing this together, and then you just withdrawing slightly, so you are still there, but your wife is doing more of the work? It won't be instant, but hopefully your child will get used to your wife at the bedtime routine,

Posted : 05/01/2020 11:55 pm
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Hello JimMadrone,

When my son was a baby of the same age as yours I had trouble settling him, but my husband was far better. I was so tired and tense that I think sometimes my son would pick up on this. Your wife needs lots of reassurance and encouragement that she is doing ok at this parenting stuff. You don't say if this is your first baby, but if it is, it can come as a big shock when faced with putting a child down to sleep every night. I used to dread bedtimes sometimes because I knew that my son wouldn't settle for ages.
Try and speak with her and mention that you both have different strengths when looking after your baby, and like the other person has suggested, perhaps try bedtime together and letting go and perhaps your wife could do some nights and you do others?
Be encouraged, it does and will get better, just watch out for your wife and encourage her to keep telling you how she feels, or to talk with her health visitor about sleep.
I wish you both well.
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Posted : 28/04/2020 3:42 pm
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There’s all kind of issues involved especially if the mother is of the jealous type. Cousins who actively are sweet to your face but are egging and actively encouraging these jealous psycho mothers behind the scenes against you is quite another issue.

For a father It’s a lonely journey and only his direct family are there to help and give these two faced hypocrite inbred cousins a fitting Reply they never forget.....

Posted : 21/01/2021 3:27 pm

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