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[Solved] How to explain our situation to my daughter

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Well it has been a little over two months since moving out from the family.
All seemed fine until Wednesday when my daughter broke down whilst visiting and simply said she wants me to move back home!
Tried to say that this was the best way for all of us as we don't argue anymore. Took me a couple of hours to calm her down and get her to sleep. They both started to tell me how they miss me and when they are with me how they miss their mum! Any advice or is it a stage everyone goes through? Talked to my ex she said it is hard to hear them talk this way but thought it was more to do with them being tired. Just seems very selfish of us to make the kids go through this but it must have been worse for them when we were together and rowing all the time. Do we all go through this?

Topic starter Posted : 30/03/2013 3:09 am
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hi there 🙂

...I've had a look around for suggestions on how to help young children cope with their parents divorce. Apart from showing them love and talking to them gently but honestly about the changes... and lots of reassurance of course, I've found a couple of ideas that could help. The first is to have a photo of you in their bedroom, this might help with missing you and can provide a connection to you for them. I dont know how your ex might feel about that, but if it helps them cope with you not being there its got to be a good thing. The other thing is to buy some books that you can read together, there are quite a few out there! If you have a look at Divorce books for Children on Amazon, you'll find a selection to choose from, or a trip to a good book store will do it, and you can browse and choose ones that they can relate to, that will help them to understand what happening.

Posted : 30/03/2013 5:35 am
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Thanks for the suggestion will try the library for a book. I think if my ex might want a picture of me only to play darts with!
I have tried to call most nights and we are talking about my having them one evening during the week.
Must say people at work are very supportive of the idea. Will let you know what happens.

Topic starter Posted : 31/03/2013 3:05 am

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