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Prenatal paternity test?

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Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me. 😕Β 

Against my better judgement (probably) I ended up agreeing to a prenatal paternity test with a girl who lied to me and cheated on her partner.
This was almost three weeks ago now and I’ve yet to have the results. I even contacted the clinic on Sunday but was fobbed off with a story about there not being enough foetal matter in the sample or something, and we’re still waiting on results. 🤔Β 

The mother is, to put it delicately, a bit evasive and difficult and contact is a bit strained. She hasn’t made contact and I’m wondering if she’s been told the results and I haven’t.

Does anyone have a rough idea of how long the results should take for this procedure in general? I was told 2 weeks.



Topic starter Posted : 18/07/2022 11:58 pm

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