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FDR Hearing vacated...
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FDR Hearing vacated twice

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Hello All,

i have not been on here for a while because nothing has really happened. I posted a few days ago. However, it was not under Finance so I am re-posting here.


Since my last post we both attended a mediation session. I was adamant that she needs to comply with the FDA Order she said that we can reach an agreement through the mediator without disclosure to each other.


I agreed to continue with mediation remotely. She wanted us in the same room. I felt I would really struggle with that. So she refused to continue. Then her solicitors said she would continue. However, nothing happened. Then she instructed new solictors. I heard nothing from them other than that fact they are respresenting her.


Then we received a new FDR date for this Friday. Today I was advised that it has been vacated again as we have not fully adhered to our FDA Order. This is the second time. How will the Courts view this?


Our Decree Nisi also came through. She has agreed to not apply for the Absolute until finances have been agreed.


The proposed consent order from her new solicitors changed quite a few directions that were agreed in our original FDA Order. I have not agreed to this.


What is likely to happen with the pensions. Is it likely her old final salary pensions will be considered?


This is dragging on and I feel so vulnerable. 


I am convinced she has cash/assets hidden, possibly abroad. What are thoughts on forensic accountants as I have some dates when I recall her telling me she received money during our marriage.?

Topic starter Posted : 28/04/2023 11:36 pm
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There is useful info here:

Posted : 30/04/2023 5:40 pm

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