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Protecting my Assets

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Hello Everyone!!!


After a bit of advice….


me and my wife are going through a divorce. She has placed home rights on my house.

I was married for 2 years with 1 child.

I brought my house before marriage with my dad and have £100k equity in the house.

however since getting married, my wife coerced me into removing my dad off the deeds. 

 (£90k in equity before getting married)it’s not Fair that she will get 50% and take £50k for free.

therefore I am going to my mortgage lenders and getting a further advance for £50k - there’s nothing wrong with this??? Is there???

I will give the £50k further advance back to my dad.

is there any issues with this ????

its all above board and legal 


Topic starter Posted : 09/02/2023 2:09 am
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Am not familiar with divorce/asset cases. Suggest you to seek legal advice from lawyers that specialize in this field.

Posted : 09/02/2023 3:30 pm
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If she's on the mortgage then they will write to her and get her agreement.  There is a guide on the website on he financial arrangements after divorce which  may give you an idea of what to expect. Priority will be given to the needs of the child.

Posted : 09/02/2023 7:23 pm
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Actually, if she has registered home rights, then the lender will be aware and they may write to her anyway.

Posted : 09/02/2023 7:24 pm

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