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Spousal Maintenance
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Spousal Maintenance

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I am separated from my wife but still living together and sorting out finances, paying off debts before we physically separate.

Question is how much spousal maintenance should we agree on, trying to agree on this ourselves. She is reasonable about things and about paying me something as I will have almost nothing to live on (£250 to buy food, entertainment, kids stuff per month) when I move out, but I don’t know how much I will need to live on per month and what is a reasonable amount to ask for? Any help please.

I earn 22,500 pa 1500 net per months and my ex earns around 6kpa but with her what will be universal credit, carers allowance and higher rate dla for one of our children, middle rate for the other plus child benefit she will have a net per month of 3150 per month. She can’t work more hours because will lose carers allowance and needs to look after our ASD kids.


Our bills will be roughly the same for each separate house but she will be paying the life insurance policy for us both, and the home insurance at around £120pm, obviously she will also pay for upkeep of the house while she is living there with the children. I won’t have any money to give towards that anyway or I’d be left with pretty much zero.

kids will be at mine Friday to Sunday two weeks on, one week off and two dinners every week during week. She will be the main carer.

What’s fair in this situation do you think? Have no idea where to start. 

Topic starter Posted : 10/02/2023 7:36 pm
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it's good to hear that your both trying to reach agreements mutually. I would suggest you use a budgeting app/website to work out your monthly incomings and outgoings.

there is one here:

many banking apps include a budgeting feature. see if your bank offers one. Have you had discussions about child maintenance? if that's going to be separate to spousal support, then would be wise to factor that in.

take a look at this guide to spousal maintenance:

I hope you can come to an agreement that's reasonable/affordable, and without the need to fight about it in court.

Posted : 10/02/2023 9:15 pm

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