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[Solved] C2 Form

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Hi All,

This post is about the C2 form, before I decided to post this msg I searched the entire forum for "C2" and found nothing so I searched for "C100" this worked, so I know I'm doing the search correctly. I just can't believe "C2" could not be found.

I am applying to gain access to my daughter, I think it's a straight forward case and I am not using a solicitor as I cannot afford it like many, I have filled applied to the court C100 and have got a court date, the documents returned mention a C2 form which I believe I have to fill in, but I have a couple of questions

1) I thought the C100 form was the application to gain access to my daughter so what is the C2 form for?

2) Do I need to pay ANOTHER £215 just to send the C2 form back?

Thanks in advance and hope you can help


Topic starter Posted : 20/06/2019 12:51 pm
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no you should not need to pay another £215 for C2. I remember when I did my C100 application, that was good enough and I did not have to do anything with C2. here some info i found:

G – Telling respondents and other people about your application

• If you are making a form C100 application, the court will give the respondents a copy
of your application form. However, if you are making an application on form C1 or
C2, you will need to give the respondents a copy of your application form and other
documents provided by the court. This will give them the opportunity to send in their
own form in response to your application.

If you are applying for more than one order you may have different respondents or other
people you have to tell for each order using form C1 or C2.
If a respondent is under 18 years of age and does not have a solicitor you need the court’s
permission to tell them about your application.

Sometimes there will be no one for you to tell about your application.
Regardless of the application form you use, a person named as an ‘other party’ must be told
about your application but you do not need to give them a copy of the application form.
When do I tell people about my application?

The court will tell you later when and how to tell the respondents (if you have made an
application using form C1 or C2) and other people (whichever application form you have used).
Telling people about your application and providing a copy of your application form to the
respondents is called ‘service’. There is more information about this in section Q and in
leaflet CB3.

Posted : 20/06/2019 5:26 pm

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Hi there

To be honest, I’m not sure why they have said you need to submit form C2, as they have set a date for the hearing, your application for a Child Arrangements Order has been accepted.

Form C2 is used to ask the court for permission to start proceedings (which shouldn’t apply to you, as they have already accepted your application). To make a new application, or to ask for new directions within existing proceedings, or to ask to join or leave proceedings.

I think there is an additional fee to submit form C2, but I’m not sure how much that would be.

It might help you to attend a Families Need Fathers meeting, they have meetings across the country, here’s a link to their website where you’ll find details of meetings nationally, hopefully there will be one near you.

A lot of family courts have a PSU office, if you don’t understand the forms or need some support generally, they can assist you

Posted : 20/06/2019 5:58 pm
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Perhaps give the court office (or call centre depending on where you are based) a call and ask them why they have asked for that. You might find it's an error - their admin often leaves a lot to be desired. Best of luck

Posted : 24/06/2019 5:47 pm

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if c100 already processed and you received letters about attending a hearing, then i would just ignore C2 form. seems like they just hand it out as routine, like a holiday brochure, in case you need it. they probably sent the same to your ex.

Posted : 26/06/2019 1:09 am
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Doesn't sound like a situation that a C2 is needed. The fee is £167 to send it, I've just sent one to get permission for my legal representative to use the court papers in a regulatory hearing I have, where my ex is a witness against me. It's nothing too serious but I need everything I can to defend myself.

Posted : 28/01/2023 12:31 pm

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