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Free online course for separated parents
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Free online course for separated parents. Click here

CT100 advice

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Hi all, 


the form asks for 

  • details of any previous family court cases

how do I obtain this information? I did have a dispute in 2014 that was resolved but I have no idea how to get the information or what information about it they want?


also I am self representing and could do with any help and advice about what to do and say, my ex partner will claim abuse no doubt, she has a lot of messages that may be consider abusive and I have some but I think the court will say it’s [censored] for tat more than likely, we both have personality disorders so we are both notoriously difficult, I just want to focus on my son who is 19 months old and not get into the abuse claims as it will only make the process longer. I can’t get legal aid nor am i financially in a position to pay for any legal advice. 

I went the mediation route but either she won’t comply or it’s above the threshold for amicable mediation, I am waiting for the MIAM form that has been signed by the mediator then I will fill out the online form, the form is a little daunting for me so any help with that would be much appreciated thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 04/04/2024 8:57 am
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 for details about previous proceedings, can you find that old court order, and just state the case number, name of court and date of order, when filling in c100.

feel free to private message me if you need further advice.

Posted : 04/04/2024 6:55 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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