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Decree nisi issues

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I'm posting this for a family member if anyone can advise:

He was briefly married for 3 months and then separated. No kids, no joint accounts and the house was already bought by himself before marriage. She contributed nothing either.

He applied for a annulment in may 2021. The decree nisi was granted in September 2021. However it hasn't been pronounced after all this time so he can't move ahead and do the absolute to make it final.

The court is saying it hasn't been pronounced perhaps due to a error and have been unable to escalate it so its just sitting in limbo after all these months. When the nisi was granted in sep 21 , they didn't do the paperwork and file it on the system so it hasn't gone anywhere.

What can he do its now Dec 21? He made a official complaint but still nothing has gone anywhere. Every1 he talk to on the phone says sorry for the error but no one seems to be able to do anything. Surely when the nisi was granted it should have been pronounced then and paperwork done so 6 weeks later he could have made it absolute?

Topic starter Posted : 02/12/2021 9:01 pm
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I would agree with everything you have said, I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be - and this is an annulment, rather than a divorce, so in theory the marriage never happened. It may be worth him getting professional legal advice, a divorce solicitor may know how to get this through.

Posted : 07/12/2021 5:38 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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