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Urgent help non mol on fake alligations after i applied for divorce and decree nisi

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Hi I need Urgent help

I am male vicitim of domestic violance 

I made 3 police reports against her and the police fail to take action against her and when she called once only told them i pushed her i have been arrested kept in a cell for 24 hours and put on DVPO for 28 days based on that she got non mol also ( is this uk or this is third world country with no law to protect men) feels like African country law where they don't listen to men at all and all goes to women when you apply for divorce.

Got 2 young kids Applied for divorce from an Abusive wife in the month of April this year i don't know the legal process and don't have much money so done it myself and took me up to august to get a Decree nisi.
She started making fake allegations of violence so she can get legal aid and stop my access to kids and out of my family house.
Her lies are believed everywhere and she just made one call to police with a fake allegation without any injury i have been taken out of my own house and stopped seeing my kids and nonmol is in place 

She blackmailed me I ended up paying her lots of money via bank transfer i have proof seems no one wants to help or listen.

if there is any hope in this world for honest men and fathers or it all court and police are fake helping dangerous fake women only.

Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2021 8:50 pm
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If you want to apply to court to seek access to your kids, you can apply for a childs arrangements order. It costs £232. As there is non molestation order against you, you do not need to attend mediation. Can apply online:

You could self-represent and save on legal fees.

Posted : 04/12/2021 5:16 pm

top tips to support your child after breakup

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You can get help as a victim of domestic abuse from various organisations.  There may be local ones in your area which you can google or call the local council for names.  Or for a national organisation there's  They should be able to signpost you for local help

Posted : 08/12/2021 11:58 am

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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