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Free online course for separated parents
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I'll try to keep this as brief as I can but bear with.


Ex wife left me in July 2022, initially she emptied the joint account and went to her mums. In August i had a breakdown and attempted suicide, on this day she returned to the family home and changed the locks. After i was discharged from hospital i stayed with parents up until November and then began renting privately. 


In this interim period i paid half the mortgage and additionally £300p/m maintenance we agreed between ourselves as at my parents i couldn't have the kids overnight at all. since moving in to a private rent i've had the kids each and every day off, but my ex has attempted to tell the CMS i have them 0 nights and i was ordered to pay £479pm. i contested this and this has finally been settled on at £189pm which is infuriating as my total nights is 196 but i can stomach it, she finally admitted to the CMS that 0 nights wasn't true after i initiated mediation with view to getting a court order but she stopped short of accepting equal shared care.


we've recently turned our attention to the house and she wants to keep it, fine. she doesn't want to buy me out but instead wants a Mesher order in place until my youngest turns 18. My issues are i've had my savings drained before now, what i've had to fully furnish a new place without taking a single item out of the marital home. 

if i'm not bought out of the home i can't go on the council housing list as i'm technically a homeowner. 

when looking at a new mortgage for a new place, im liable for the marital home still so wont be offered anything with that considered. 

either way i'm on to a lose lose here. 


i'm wondering if anyone has any experience of this, i can see that there are interest only mortgages, gaurantor motgages, joint borrower sole propiator mortgages etc, but she is point blank refusing any of these options. 


renting is dead money, we all know that. Any advice on this one would be welcome. 


thank you in advance to anyone

Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2023 8:59 pm
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Am not familiar with property and finance issues. Suggest you seek legal advice. I read somewhere that if she does not want to buy you out, you can take it to court and and ask them to force a sale of house.

Posted : 04/06/2023 3:31 pm

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Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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