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Tracking is it allowed?

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Hi, I have a court order in place for contact with my son.


I'm already heading back to court as so many things haven't been kept too, and some controlling behaviour by the resident parent.

I have my son every other weekend Friday - Sunday

Every Tuesday

And the weekends he does not stay a Friday after school.

My son had to return home early today as there is a family birthday on ex side, and I'm collecting my son at 10 am tomorrow morning.

As these was a unusual time and day to drop off, I asked check if resident parent is home.

Don't need to have live location app, so we can see where we are at all times.

This has set alarm bells.

My ex does not our son out of his sight, he won't let him walk 10 doors down the road to my car as unable to stop outside the house, I have to walk up and drop him back to the end of the drive.

My son is 12 and is allowed nowhere accept school and to spend time with me.

So why have the app.


To give a background I'm a mum, who overnight lost my home and my son. By a non mol order due to a divorce and house needing to be sold. One of the few reasons for divorce was controlling behaviour.

After some lies told contact was stopped proved these as lies in court.

We are meant to be working up to 50/50, but so far I'm not even allowed to have my son's number.

So we are going back to court.

On my and ex last verbal conversation he threatened he would never leave me alone and I have two other younger children that live with me and my partner.

My son has been to my childminder we have two and to my place of work. My mum and my sister have both moved, my son has been.

The entire time my ex would have been able to see this.

So I genuinely do not believe he is tracking my son, he is not allowed out apart from school or with me, all is done with dad fishing and cycling.

My son does get frustrated as wants to see his friends after school.

Is this tracking allowed as I know on face value he is tracking my son, but in reality the only time his not with dad or at school I'm involved therefore I am being tracked

Any help or advice I would be thank ful for as usual.

Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2023 8:30 pm
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Take look at this:

Posted : 04/06/2023 3:25 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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