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Ex stopping son doi...
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Ex stopping son doing sport

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Need a little advice on this.

I've been separated/divorced for 5 years. Now in a happy relationship with someone else.

I have my kids every other weekend. No court arrangement.

My son (now 10) has been training and playing for a local football club for the last 6 years.

I eventually took on a coaching role at the club to help him develop in a sport he loves playing.

He's been playing every Saturday and training on a week nigh each week for years.

As I see him every other weekend his Grandad would bring him when it wasn't my weekend and evenings.

This has stopped in the last two years, and I have picked up the slack and have been picking him up and dropping him back to his mum so he can keep doing it (he want's to and it's a 15min drive).

This week ex wife has told me he will no longer be coming to football and can only do so when I have him.

This is an activity he wants to do and he is gutted. I'm not involving him in anyway in this, just asked the simple question. Do you want to continue football training.

She is making excuses that the routine must change as he as senior school next year and he has other activities now, but also he will be tired. Also unrealistic promises of academy football in the future which I know will not happen, so he is basically being made to give up.

I have tried to be reasonable and understand she can do what she likes on her weekend. I've offered to cut the training to two nights a month. but still no go.

Is there anything I can do?

She is changing a routine we have had in place for 6 years without any really valid reason. just stopping him going out of spite.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble and unclear.

Would just like some advice on what can be done.


Topic starter Posted : 22/09/2023 9:08 am
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If your son is passionate about sport, then he will likely resent his mother for this. He is at an age where he will start becoming more independent and free willed. I suppose he could continue sports once he starts high school.

Posted : 22/09/2023 10:03 pm

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Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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