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How to make a successful c79 (enforcement order)

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I am unfortunately in a position of having to apply for an enforcement order. I understand that data from the ministry of justice (2015) shows that there is only a 1.2% success rate in enforcing court orders as referenced by Suella Braverman, MP, former attorney General. 

I have today submitted my C79 and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to encourage the court to actually enforce the order that they set out so many years ago ?

My ex-wife has manipulated both my children for years, continually making flse allegations to all sorts of authorities. I can't afford to continue going to court and being represented simply in order to defend myself.

She has suddenly decided to cease all contact between me and my kids. I've also received a hand written letter from my 10yr old daughter (who was usually full of love for me) saying she doesn't want to see me any more.  It has destroyed me. Heartbroken doesn't begin to cover how low I feel.

Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2023 2:19 pm
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with enforcement application I suggest you detail all the breaches, with the dates contact did not happen. Also you can tell courts that there is possible manipulation/alienation of child and you would like CAFCASS to investigate.

Posted : 18/04/2023 10:27 pm

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This must be very hard for you but hang on in there.  There are some helpful guides on representing yourself in court on the website.  You may not need to be represented on every occasion.  Agree you need to list every breach.  Are you on the birth certificate?  If so you can ask the school to send you reports on the children's progress so you will not be left completely out in the cold.  You could also speak to the welfare person at school to make them aware of the situation


Posted : 19/04/2023 9:51 am
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Hi I am currently in a similar situation, just wondering if you have any updates on how you got on ? 

Posted : 10/05/2023 8:46 pm

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Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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