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How to prepare for a section 7 advice please?

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Hello everyone.

When I took the mother to court for a breach of c79, Section 7 was called.

My evidence suggested that she was obstructing my relationship with my child. I stated in my evidence that I am extremely concerned about the effects of this on my 11-year-old child.

Evidence produced for 11 example to court was how my daughter has to lie and carry on with the script rise he mom tells her to. It's been going on for years. There are consequences if she doesn't comply with the mother a conversation I had with my daughter stated she will simply get grounded and shouted at. When she was younger it was pull her ear and twist it. My daughter opened up to a teacher about this and the mom was investigated it always get flagged up when caffcass do their background checks. So she no longer puts hands on her but as she older grounding her works.

Another is the mother made her not tell anyone she had a broken finger type 5 which was done in a park falling over. I saw this when obtaining the medical records. I have to do this as the mother won't update me on her health. Asthma also neglected since 2019. 

I called the school about the finger they knew nothing about it so it had to be kept from them too. Concerning. Court have seen this too which make wonder if they too called section 7 for these reasons as I supplied proof of everything I mentioned

Much more evidence supplied but too long to go into but it based around parent alienation.

3rd time going court with woman

Can I mention those thing to caffcass or keep it to breach?


Topic starter Posted : 27/03/2024 2:26 pm
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For s7 interview you should tell Cafcass about any concerns you have for childs welfare, like what you mentioned above. Also a chance for you to seek more time with child, if thats what you would prefer.

Theres good tips here:

Posted : 27/03/2024 3:17 pm
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Excellent thanks for the link. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/03/2024 4:22 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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