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Name Change Now?!

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Hello Dads,

Thanks to those of you who sent me all the advice and support over the past 9 months.. I had my Final Hearing last week and it turned out very favourably (for me and my daughter). I will now get 3 overnights every other weekend (Fri PM-Monday AM), Teatimes on Tuesdays and half the holidays with our 3yr old.

As you can imagine, the ex is furious that (even though she and her vile mother spent a fortune on legal fees) all of her lies and false allegations of coercive control were brushed aside - and so they've already decided to retaliate by trying to change our daughter's surname from just mine to a double barrelled..

I want it to stay as is, and I definitely do not want to get mired in another legal battle so soon. Not only for my sake but my daughter's too as this is bound to be detrimental to her.

Has anyone got experience of a forced surname change? As it relates to the 3yr old child of an unmarried couple? 

My ex's solicitor has written to see if I will agree to the name change (which I won't so they will have to make a formal application), claiming that our daughter "doesn't know her own name yet" (more lies).

Be good to get a feel for wether or not I have a chance of winning this (new) battle, and the process, before I put up a fight?

Thanks again!

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how contact centres work

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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