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Non molestation process?

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Evening all.

I have a contested hearing coming up for a non molestation order (im the one applying). Im a LIP so dont have a solicitor. Throughout the entire process nothing has been explained to me.

The government website that tells you how to apply simply says to submit a witness statement to the court.

The initial court order asked me to serve a copy on the respondent.

The initial paper hearing court order asked me to submit a scott schedule listing the allegations which i have done.

No mention at all has been made with regards to evidence to back up the allegations and how i submit it. Do i submit this on the day of the hearing? Should i send it all to court before the hearing? Should i send it to the respondents solicitor?


Many thanks 

Topic starter Posted : 20/07/2021 9:11 pm
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The Rights of Women website: has a very helpful guide to fact finding hearings which might be helpful for you.  It explains how to complete a Scott schedule.  The court usually orders the date by which it should be received.  The evidence should have been with the schedule so perhaps its not too late to redo it?  The order normally states who it should be sent to which is usually the court and the other sides solicitor.

Posted : 21/07/2021 2:01 pm

how contact centres work

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Attach evidence with the Scot schedule . So you say abc please see DB1

xyz please see DB2 and so on .

if tje exes behaviour is really the one in question Again raise this in the Scot schedule . Email it to both the court and the ex .

you’re supposed to end it with tje statement of truth but being LIP they won’t really be bothered but I always add one 

Posted : 28/07/2021 5:41 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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