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PR for step-parent - has anyone experience in applying to court for this

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As title.

My wife and I would like for her to have PR for the children (2 girls), we both believe this to be in their best interest should anything ever happen to me.

We have a CAO that the children live with me and spend time with the mother - pretty much 50/50 time.

It's an unusual order.

When I left relationship with children's mother I was accused of pretty much everything that could be used to stop contact and went months without seeing the children whilst initial S7 was compiled by a very young and inexperienced SS worker - thankfully the wheels soon fell off of the first round of court and CAFCASS then took over investigation and reports.....all in all an horrific experience and one I fear far too common.

Needless to say, despite a workable CAO, the mother continues to weave darkness and remains clandestinely active in trying to tarnish and destroy our lives and reputations.

We are extremely concerned that if anything were to happen to me the children would loose their security and relationship with their step mother.

We have asked the mother to enter into a step parent agreement, this has, obviously, been refused.

Court application under the children's act to grant a step-parent PR seem pretty straight forward.

However,  the application contains the usual boxes relating to abuse - there has been historic DV from mother to children and there are continuing abusive behaviours exhibited by the mother on the children. Although I would like to, It would not be possible to leave these boxes blank.

I don't want to be in court, again, battling for years when the outcome will not change - we have a workable CAO; Pathogenic Parenting is not something the system seems able to address and there are various safety nets in place should physical signs of abuse reappear and threshold action levels be met.

Prolonged litigation is not in anyone's interest, yet, I know the other party would use the application for PR as an opportunity to attack and unleash again a plethora of false allegations and self created evidence.

So, how best to proceed to get step-parental PR without getting embroiled in year's of further litigation with a court performer? 

Has anyone any experience in getting PR for a step-Parent?


Topic starter Posted : 28/02/2024 1:26 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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