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Seeing children

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The ex wife and I divorced like a year ago. She's being very difficult and stubborn in not letting me see my 2 daughters frequently. One is 10yrs, the other is 7yrs.

According to her 6hrs is sufficient for them to spend with me every fortnight. That's all!

Although I have yet to approach mediation, I am trying to sort things amicably within us. Although it does seem unlikely it will work.

Nevertheless, if I waited for the children outside their school just so I could get a glimpse of my daughters daily or a quick handshake (literally a handshake which would last 1 second!) with them, would/could this have any legal implications going ahead if I end up sorting out through mediation or court?


Thanks in advance.

Topic starter Posted : 13/05/2024 7:58 am
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I hope mediation works out for you. If it doesn't work and you apply to court, I suggest you self represent, otherwise you have to spend thousands on legal fees. Feel free to get in touch if you need advice. Sending you a private message.

I would suggest its better to avoid turning up at school. Your ex might make allegations that you tried to remove kids from school and potentially get a restraining order against you.

Posted : 13/05/2024 10:21 am
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Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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