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Solicitor error on ...
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Solicitor error on c100

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Hi all


I submitted a c100 myself with a lot of detail about my complaints (primarily mother hiding medical information, withholding passports, refusing to add me.onto emergency contact lists, alienation and the latest is false allegations to police, which police have overruled and not actioned and so on)...


I thought I should seek solicitors help incase it needs reigning in a bit.


The solicitor has jus sent me their version and I'm a touch worried for the following reasons:

- they've used the wrong name on the form

- they've missed out all of the above complaints in even the most basic neutral of mentions

- they've added complaints that simply don't exist in my case including erratic pickup and drop off times.

- they've moved the tone of the c100 from 'the mother is causing lots of issues' to a generic ' I want 50/50 and to look at CMS payments '.   


I've not once mentioned CMS or being unhappy with payments and also the picks nd drop offs have been stable for 7 years.... 


Do I complain or respond with corrections and risk further incidences down the line...  They have hundreds of 5 star reviews so I don't know what to do for best.

Topic starter Posted : 27/04/2023 3:06 am
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If they can not even get your name right on the form, then very poor service especially if your paying them. I think it's better to ignore them and just do it yourself.

Child contact and CMS are 2 totally separate issues. Mentioning CMS on a C100 form will be frowned upon. Better to remove that. Also you do not need to give a detailed explanation of what problems are. Can keep very brief, such as: children being prevented from seeing their Father. Or children seeking additional time with Father, but being denied by Mother. You will get plenty of time to address the specifics when you have 2-3 court hearings later on.

Posted : 27/04/2023 11:55 am

how contact centres work

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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