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[Solved] Popular treatments for hair loss

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Good Morning Folks

I have developed a rather large bald patch on top of my head and am thinking getting hair loss treatment.

Can someone be kind enough to tell me of any treatments (preferably pain free) that I could have in order to restore my hair and thus eliminate my bald patch?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2015 12:40 pm
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The easiest solution is to cut and keep the rest of your hair very short.

Otherwise, the only one I'm aware of is something called Rogaine - however, it's pretty expensive as you have to use it permanently (ie once the hair has grown back, you still have to use the product) and I believe that it only works up to a certain age - can't remember what it is but I remember thinking it wasn't particularly old when it was first introduced.

Personally, I'd still go for my first suggestion - and there's the theory that bald men are sexier anyway.

Posted : 26/07/2015 1:41 am
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Just shave it all off and be done with it, they're bloody expensive them hair cuts with the holes in the middle 🙂

Posted : 26/07/2015 3:27 am
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Topic starter Posted : 26/07/2015 12:49 pm
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I agree, cut your hair short and live with it, I have a thining patch not gone bald yet but its well on it's way, no point in fighting it unless you afford hair transplants and really can't live with it. Aternatively become a hat wearer caps in the summer and flat cap or full on dear stalker in the winter

When mine gets to the point there isn't enough I'll go shorter and let the bald shine through.


Posted : 28/07/2015 1:45 pm
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Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2015 1:31 am
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Embrace the baldness!! 😉

Just ensure you have a nice body to go with it too! You dont want to be fat and bald 🙂

Posted : 29/07/2015 12:10 pm
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There are various treatments that are non-surgical. I am not sure how well they work or how much they cost. I think it is better to ask a doctor about it.

Posted : 27/04/2018 7:03 pm
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cut your hair bald, the easiest solution to this problem

Posted : 25/12/2020 1:11 pm
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Well Hair loss transplant is the best option as the hair will be there perminantely after one off treatment; but it's quite expensive. In London it's about £5000+ and I wouldn't trust going to Turkey as they are butchers (some of them anyway). 

The only other option I can think of is PRP treatment; where your blood is drawn, span in a device to seperate it's plasma and then injected into the bald area it's supposed to help grow back the hair; but again, you will need to keep going for top-ups.. 

Then you have the Unthin option here:

But that's quite expensive every month. So in the long run, although hair transpants are expensive, probably works out cheaper and less hassle in the long run. 

Posted : 31/12/2021 8:28 pm

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