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End of CSA payments

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Hi, my daughter is 18 (19 in Oct) she should have finished A levels last term, however as I have had no contact with her or her mother for nearly 10 years, I have no idea as to her educational / work status. Do the CSA advise when I stop paying, or do I just stop paying in October and wait for the legal action? 

Thanks P

Topic starter Posted : 04/08/2022 12:21 pm
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CMS have made a recent change. on their website it states:

If you get Child Benefit for a child who qualifies for child maintenance and they have left full time education or training, you do not need to tell us. HMRC will let us know the date and we will recalculate your child maintenance automatically.

previously they expected receiving parent to inform them of changes. or they would need some kind of evidence from the paying parent.

Posted : 04/08/2022 9:47 pm

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