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She denied contact with children merely for revenge. And solicitors seem to sleep on it!

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Hi guys,

I’m new here and thank you in advance for your help, because I feel like I’m living a nightmare! Well, my ex-wife is simply denying any access to my kids for one month now, just out of spite, and apparently no one can do anything about it?


A bit of context: two months ago my ex-wife suddenly informed me that she was leaving with the kids, three hours from where we live. I used to spend 4 nights with the kids at that time. I was happy for her and the job, but didn’t agree on the relocation of the kids, for a matter of stability and emotional wellbeing (and also because, sorry to say so, but I grew them up so far, for she isn't able to take care properly). Unfortunately as always she did not even listen to my arguments, so we didn’t reach an agreement, so I had to involve the solicitors and eventually the court. The hearing is going to be in September. PROBLEM: In the main time, merely out of spite she decided to keep the children with her (we even had a travel to Italy planned), while before they spent with me 4 nights a week. I haven’t seen or heard from them in almost a month now, and the only video call they made, my 3-year-old daughter started crying, begging her mother to be with me. What a nightmare! I, on the other hand, can not call them because her lawyer informed me that she "does not like to be contacted" (!!!) and any attempt will be considered harassment (Jesus, is that easy?)! So how am I going to see my children? The hearing is scheduled for September, so social workers, police and my solicitor tell me that until then there is little to do to see my children again. But how is that possible??????????? What about my rights, and, in particular, the rights of the children to stay with their father? Who is going to pay for the damages this is causing to us? Either I haven’t found the right lawyers, or it is true that I can’t do anything? Guys, I am literally getting crazy. Please help!

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Topic starter Posted : 13/08/2022 7:11 am
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I'm very sorry to hear about you situation which sadly is not uncommon.  Yes, you do have rights and the court will make sure that you are able to see your chidden, subject to the views of Cafcass etc.  Hang on in there

Posted : 13/08/2022 3:53 pm
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Hi, sorry to hear that. It seems very common that when you start court proceedings, ex partner becomes more hostile. Not long till your hearing in September. Hope it goes well for you. Would suggest  to only make contact through your exs solicitor. In meantime i suggest to enjoy the weather, take some trips to clear your head. Would recommend you take breaks/trips in between these court hearings. They can be very draining and stressful.

Posted : 13/08/2022 6:11 pm
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You mention you had a holiday booked with kids. If its certain your will miss it and lose the money, you maybe be able to get compensation from your ex. You could raise this at next court hearing or maybe need separate court application for it.

Posted : 13/08/2022 6:14 pm

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