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Final year paying CSA

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Hi guys,just joined and hope everyone coping ok? 
I’ve been paying for my kids for the last 12 years without any contact…due to the mother!

im sure some can relate!

I phoned CSA to say the youngest child will be leaving education in June this year,the CSA told me I will need to keep paying until September as this is when child benefit will stop?

I thought once the child leaves education you stop paying? She will be 18 this November!

any help much appreciated 🥰

Topic starter Posted : 23/03/2023 3:23 pm
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With Child benefit there are certain termination  dates throughout  the year. Check this:




Posted : 24/03/2023 4:46 pm
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My son has just told me he has his last A level exam in May 2023 he is 18, I am now confused as to when my CMS payments stop because his mum is saying September. 

Posted : 24/03/2023 10:24 pm
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I think she is correct - even though his last exam is May, I think the way it works is that he is still in full time education until he gets his results.

Posted : 25/03/2023 12:34 am

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