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Little about me and my self

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Hi guys ! I want to warn you right away, my English is very bad and I use Google Translator but it's not very good at it either 😅 I'll tell you a little bit about myself... My name is Serg, I am from Ukraine, yes, from Ukraine where there is war :(. I am 32 years old, still married (but my wife has already filed for divorce), I have two beautiful daughters 5 and 9 years old. I love my children more than anything else in the world and it is very hard without them. my relationship with my wife were great the first 5 years of life together, then my wife started working and everything changed, we started to fight a lot, spent little time together and became not interested in each other. we lived next five years just as parents but not as a wife. On February 24, 2022 war came to our country :(. My wife was in Mexico at the time with her work team. I had a hunch that war would break out so I took the children and went to western Ukraine, closer to Europe. On February 24 we woke up to a lot of fighters flying over our hotel, an hour later we saw flashes of explosions, I immediately took the children and we went to the border of Ukraine with Romania, there was already a line of cars in which we stood for 3 days and 2 nights. I didn't sleep, but I didn't want to 😅 my adrenaline was going off the scale. Finally, the border guard said that they would not let me out and I could just give my children to strangers and go back to Ukraine 🤦 Of course I did not give my children to anyone and we went with them to a village nearby, lived there for 6 days and waited for my wife to come. After 6 days my wife arrived in Mexico at the border with Ukraine and I was able to give her children. They went to Poland and I was glad they were safe. They lived in Poland for 5 months and then my wife wrote me that she wanted to leave me and they were coming back to Ukraine. I was stressed but when they arrived we discussed it all and decided it would be better. We didn't tell the kids about it yet. I left our house and just come to see the kids, and we tell the kids that Daddy has a lot of work, etc. At this point all I have left is my friend who supports me and the kids I can't live with. So me and my friend had the idea to go to America, it was my childhood dream. Now there is a program for Ukrainians in the United States, but it is designed for the war period and there is a need for a man from the United States to issue us an invitation. But I am ashamed to go, I do not know how people in the U.S. will react to learning that I am a man and I ran away from my country 🙁 I will be very ashamed of it but I am afraid that my depression will never end here. I'm at a crossroads, what do you think to do in my situation? Maybe someone will give me advice 🙂 P.S. They do not take me to the army, I'm not a warrior, even that option I considered. If you understood what I wrote and what Google translated is cool 😅

Topic starter Posted : 16/09/2022 9:02 pm

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