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Making a complaint about a Cafcass officer

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Hello. I’m looking for advice on making a complaint about a Cafcass officer.

I have read the official procedure on the Cafcass site, but I’m looking for advice and tips from people who have actual made complaints about an officer.

Specifically about a section 7 report that is heavily biased, and does not recognise clear “parental alienation” and coaching of the children by my ex-partner.

The report is absolutely appalling and very unprofessional.

It paints me out to be a complete monster, whereas the mother is made out to be perfect.

The report is not impartial in any way, and is based on the mothers interests, not the childrens.

The recommendation in the report that contact with myself is suspended until the local authority have conducted an assessment.

My solicitor has copy of the report – and my response to it – but the earliest appointment I can get with my solicitor is in 4 days time.

Been to court once. Second hearing is in 2 weeks time.


Some context:

1) Been separated for over 2 years.

2) Children are 10 and 9.

3) The children currently live with me 2 nights per week, but terms are dictated by my ex. No weekend access at all.

4) The children have made statements that are not consistent with their relationship with me when they are in my care. Specifically my daugher, who has told the Cafcass officer she does not want to live with me.

5) My ex-partner has fabricated a backstory about domestic abuse. No physical violence – rather coercive control, psychological abuse, "gaslighting", etc. I believe she has done this to obtain legal aid.

Topic starter Posted : 09/07/2021 10:03 am
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What has your solicitor said about the report? The problem you have is that any complaint may be percieved simply as a way of trying to get the report dismissed, rather than arguing the points that are raised within it. You'd need to have evidence to support your case, but your solicitor may be best placed to advise you how to proceed.

Posted : 11/07/2021 8:42 pm

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