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Wanting to increase overnight visit's with my daughter

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Just after some feedback for if people think i am wrong for wanting my daughter for 1 extra night!

So for some context I work 4 days in 4 days off 6am-6:30pm so Mon-Thur then Tue-Fri the next week etc.

My ex-gf works Thu, Fri & Sat 9-5

So i currently have my 12 month old daughter 3 overnights per week, i want to increase to 4 so i have her the whole time off and my ex wants to reduce it to 2.  She thinks its unfair that she always works around my work schedule and my days/nights with her are always on my days off as the area were we live i would have nobody to help with childcare if I am work, but my ex has a family who are more than happy to have our daughter on days we both work.

She thinks it should be reduced to 2 nights per week as there are some weeks were she only gets to spend 1 of her daysoff work with her and if i have 4 nights there will be weeks were all her days are while she is working and daughter would be with her family, but i think since she also gets her of a night after work this is fair.

I know 4 nights nights is a lot but i have have always wanted to be a a dad that was always around his children and was devastated when my ex broke up with me while she was still pregnant. We have never lived together but I still get annoyed and cant forgive her for not being able to see my daughter every day like i always wanted.

Also i want to avoid going the legal route if possible as I don't know how the court would take my working pattern and lack of support with childcare as my ex works less days/hours than i do and has plenty of people to help with childcare when needed?

Topic starter Posted : 09/09/2023 9:32 pm
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I think it would be bad idea to go court over 1 night. Because child is very young, your ex may make a convincing case for nights to be reduced, and judges might accept that. Have you tried mediation to sort these issues out?

Posted : 10/09/2023 10:01 am

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