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Coping with not seeing your child.

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Hi all,

Me an my ex separated before the baby was born due to her ongoing emotional and psychological abuse and her controlling and manipulative ways.

I was present through the entire pregnancy, helped out, appointments, shopping, decorated the house etc and still honoured my word to support her.

I was present for the labour and birth but a few days after the baby was born she thought we was back together again. I made it clear that we wasn’t and that I would still support her with the baby.

She went absolutely crazy with me and completely stopped me from seeing the baby, blocked every way possible of contacting her. She has manipulated and lied to all her friends and family against me and it has now been almost 4 months since I last seen baby.

She has registered the baby without me and has openly said during mediation that she purposely did this to remove my parental responsibilities.

We attended mediation twice where she wanted it in a shuttle each time, she refused all my proposals - 1 overnight stay a week, taking baby for walks etc.

She wants it done in her controlling way, with all her rules and conditions which I did try once but it was awful and I felt so distressed and anxious afterwards.

Mediation has now closed and I’m applying for 2 court orders. She won’t let me see the baby while all this is going through and I’m really struggling with not seeing our child. I feel like I’m constantly grieving, I can’t sleep properly, I feel broken. What support and help is out there with this type of situation?


Thanks guys

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2021 7:55 pm
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sorry to hear that. this will probably be the most difficult experience you will face in your life. it looks like you will need to accept the fact that she will not allow contact up until the 1st court hearing, and possibly throughout the process, unless the judge orders it. at the 1st hearing you can ask for contact in the interim. with sleep issues I suggest you do exercise to tire yourself out, and that should help you fall asleep. also make sure your eating properly. keep regular contact with friends and family.

Whatever your situation Zoom counselling with qualified counsellors can help. You might like to be in touch for your secondary school aged children, or it could be you need support for yourself. To find out about costs or whether you qualify for funding (for example if you are on a low income or benefits) leave your details on this link and we will be in touch:

also you can speak to -

Freephone 0808 8010327
Posted : 24/08/2021 10:22 pm

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