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[Solved] Surname ???

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Hi there,
Im a dad of 2 and although my eldest lives with her mum i do have access to her as a shared care agreement and I pay maintenance.
I am after some advice please with an issue which arose today and is giving me a tremendous amount of stress.
My ex partner is getting married in a few weeks and has aaked me today if I would mind if our daughter would have a double barrelled surname or her fellas surname as a middle name.
I'll be honest that my opinion of this is no f*****g way !, apologies for language even though it's beeped out so to speak.
This makes me sick to my stomach that she has even asked me this too.
Now, since my daughter was born 9 years ago (when me and her mum were together shes had my last name), me and her mum separated when she was 4, we've have both moved on with our lives and are amacabe to a degree with our daughter in mind.

what I am wondering and am actually scared in case of the potential outcome is this.....
can my ex partner change my daughter's surname without my permission after she gets married to her partner. My surname is on my daughter's birth certificate. and as far as im concerned will be her surname until the day she gets married if she chooses to so so I'm the future.
ive told this to my ex partner but don't trust her or even like her (apart from the fact that we had a child together, that's the only reason I even talk to her for my daughter sake).
Can anyone please help with this or direct me to find out any legal advice to this issue.
any help or advice is greatly appreciated for a concerned dad.
Thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 15/08/2018 2:40 am
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Hi there

She would need your permission to change your daughters surname officially, but she could do so informally. This would mean that for all official documents, with anything to do with her health or education, or for a passport she would need to use the name on her birth certificate.

If your contact arrangements are by court order, there's a direction included automatically on it that states that the child's name cannot be changed.

She could apply to court to request a name change, but again you would need to be involved and it wouldn't be cut and dried.

Posted : 15/08/2018 3:51 pm
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I assume your 2 children both have the same surname - I would say that is a good argument not to change the name of one of them.

Posted : 16/08/2018 1:33 am

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