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[Solved] Looking for work again, but dont want to give up hours with my 35 month old boy?

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Hi, I remember being here awhile ago and you guys really helped me during a turbulent period.
However, life always throws up other dilemmas and here I have a new one.
Im happy to say that contact with my son is very good and has been for awhile now, I have him from Friday 12pm to Monday 1pm, he goes to nursery at 1pm, so I drop him off there.
Now, im ready to work again but not many jobs will cater around those hours. I really don't want to give up any time I currently have with my son, not even an hour. That's partially because I fought so hard to get the time and PR. But obviously mostly because he is my life and the time we spend together is everything,
Im looking into care work at the moment and my mum told me their hours are very flexible, I also hold a security badge and am looking amongst those roles also. But does anybody else have any ideas about jobs that I could go for where I could work from Monday 1pm to Friday 12 noon?
The job would have to be of a menial nature, thanks people.

Topic starter Posted : 03/07/2018 7:02 pm
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Hi There,

lots of compamies have now gone for shorter contact hours, especially in retial, this gives the companies flexibility as to when they have staff and means during the quieter periods they don't have staff standing around with nothing to do.

I would look into retail work, look at high street retailers and super markets, I know that the phone retailer EE offer mainly part time roles these days so they may be worth a look.


Posted : 04/07/2018 9:40 am
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The problem with jobs like care work and retail work (and others) is that in theory the hours are flexible, but if they are short staffed (which happens often) then you will get phone calls expecting you to go in to cover, and if you refuse too often, you might find that your hours are reduced leaving you in limbo with regards to a reliable income and benefits.

You often need to consider that in a year or so, your son will be going to school so he will be starting at 9am and finishing at around 4pm, so you'll have a bit more time to work.

Posted : 05/07/2018 2:13 am
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You could look at courier work... Hermes or similar, or food delivery services such as Deliveroo, Dominos etc. I'm pretty sure the hours are flexible and you can work evenings as well as during the day.

Posted : 05/07/2018 2:33 pm
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Do you have any hobbies or interests that you could do work in?

Posted : 07/07/2018 8:22 pm

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