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Baby carriers have taken the market by storm as an extremely popular and easy way to carry around your little one. Sling style carriers are nothing new, parents have been doing it for hundreds of years. Especially popular in tribes and villages, it was a method that allowed a mum or dad to carry on working with a baby in tow. The style of work may have changed but the principles of being hands free are still the same. The only difference between now and then are the advancements made in design. A lot more thought now goes into ergonomic features, ensuring the best comfort, support and ease for both you and your baby. Here we’ve looked at three of the best to spend your money on

Dads have been carrying babies on their backs for generations

Baby Carrier One

Baby Carrier One in denim

BabyBjorn is a brand that has been around for over 50 years, developing safe products with great designs for babies and parents all over the world. Its latest Baby Carrier One is a fantastic product to take you through critical years of carting your little one around in comfort. Perfect to use from birth up to the age of three or 15kg in weight, it’s a sling that’s worth the heftier price tag.

Its four different carrying positions can easily be adapted to whatever stage your baby is at or the way you prefer to carry them. The newborn position is when your baby faces your chest and is close to your heart - peaceful for you and for them. After five months, you can switch them to an outward facing position allowing them to nosey at the world around. Once they’re a year old you can even switch them to your back, which is great for longer stints of walking. Most importantly you can fit them into all positions single handedly.

Out on an adventure with Daddio

Taking onboard feedback from parents, BabyBjorn has improved things further with extra thick shoulder padding and a stronger waist belt to relieve pressure. It now also has lockable zips and wider leg positioning so babies can be comfy for longer periods of time. The Carrier One has been developed alongside paediatricians to provide the correct support for your child’s growing needs, most importantly their head, hips and spine.

Tested and classed as ‘hip healthy’ means that it also offers the best ergonomic position for your child’s hip health development. This sling is easily adjustable to suit different physiques and ideal for anyone to wear. It’s easy to take on and off without help, made free from chemicals and is machine washable. Every box ticked. 

BabyBjorn,, £124.99

Ergobaby 3 in 1 Baby Carrier

Ergobaby 3 in 1 gets rave reviews from parents

Similar to the Baby Carrier One, Ergobaby’s 360 3 in 1 can be used from birth up to around three years of age and has four different positions for carrying your little one. On your front with baby facing you or outwards to explore the world around, on your back or sat on your hip. The soft fabric and well thought out design keeps the necessary pressure off their developing spine and pelvis.

Included with this bundle is an infant insert to help support newborn babies up to 5 months old. The support is easy to click around them and can be adjusted easily to suit your baby’s size. Another ‘hip healthy’ carrier as acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the ergonomic design of the Ergobaby is ideal for your baby’s posture with great support for their back, bum and thighs. If you think they need additional comfort there’s a hidden head support stored in one of the pockets.

Perfect for being out and about, the 360 is also a great design for you, dad, offering a comfy waist belt, shoulder straps and back support. A cool feature on the belt is the additional pockets to house your keys and money. The even distribution of weight from carrying the baby means it’s easier on your back. Stokke has put a lot of thought into the carrier’s material, which is made from a breathable mesh fabric.

It’s not only water and wind resistant, it’s also perfect for warm climates or for long periods of use. The breathability allows a good amount of airflow to prevent you and your baby from overheating and directs heat away from the body. This is a real winner amongst tried and tested dads. 

Stokke,, £139

JACS Baby Carrier

JAC Baby Carrier - Die Hard style

If you’re a dad who enjoys an outdoor mission you’ll love this latest addition to the market. The tactical baby carrier from JACS is designed by a dad and caters primarily for papas and babies on the go. The carrier is designed with a central harness, baby carrier, backpack and optional accessories. Suited to the male physique, this is an all-in-one pack that lets you transport your baby along with plenty of other travel necessities for any forthcoming mission.

As long as it’s not on an indefinite Rambo-style adventure, you’ll have plenty of space for most things so can ditch any other bags that will quite frankly just weigh you down. Perfect for outdoorsy parents, the JACS carrier has been designed with military tactical equipment in mind, catering for all eventualities with your baby in tow. The military grade materials will impress the Bruce Willis in you - rot proof thread and mesh breathable padding, speak volumes.

Daddy & baby mission

The loops for any necessary accessories is a nice feature and the mounting platform lets you attach the backpack andaccess it on the go, without needing to mess with the baby carrier or harness. Optional add ons include baby liners, carry straps and a chest pouch to easily grab items on the go. Daddy days will never be the same again.

The great thing with this investment is that when your baby has outgrown their carrier part, the pack can easily be used for a whole host of non baby carrying activities, from hiking to biking. A real fun addition to the world of baby transportation.

JACS,, Start Pack £125, Complete £150

An old style cradle board  A cradleboard as used by Indigenous Native America

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