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REVIEW: 2-in-1 Playnest

A two-sided, fabric-covered inflatable ring intended for newborns and slightly older children to lie and then sit in. But is it any good?

Jimmy is probably a little optimistic about becoming the youngest person to swim across the Channel

The simple answer is yes. But then that’s not much of a review, is it?

At first glance, this doesn’t look like much. And upon opening the box, I even thought that it wouldn’t work for our three-week-old because I didn’t notice its double-sidedness. But once I’d blown up the ring (very easy, doesn’t require much puff) and inserted it into the fabric covering, we discovered a very effective and surprisingly comfortable place for our newborn daughter to hang out while we cooked supper or in the case of my wife, did some expressing.

What’s more, once our youngest was elsewhere (there’s a Velcro harness so they can’t wriggle out), our two-year-old thoroughly enjoyed sitting in it playing and it even managed to survive being dragged around and trod on multiple times with minimal deflation.

The go-to accessory in this space is the bouncy chair or a play mat, but if you’ve got hardwood or tile floors (as our rental does) and want something a bit more fun this could well be a good option. Priced at £34.99, it’s probably cheaper too.

Check it out here.

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