Three of the best baby bath accessories

Make bath time fun and easy for you and your little one with some great bathing accessories. Here we’ve looked at three of the best, especially useful if you’re bathing baby on your own...

Baby Bath Support

Baby Bath Seat

You might think that bathing a baby looks easy but if you’re doing it on your own and your child can’t sit up yet or do anything themselves, it’s a lot trickier than you might think. This baby bath support from John Lewis is worth every penny. It’s basically a lightweight frame with a cotton toweling cover that forms a comfy seat. Filling a bath one handed, with your baby in one arm and then holding them in position while you clean them is virtually impossible. Uncomfortable for your baby and not the best for your tired arm either. 

This bath support can fit into any adult bath and most baby bathtubs. Fill the water, put the seat in and then place your baby in it. It’s extremely safe and holds them well, supporting their back, neck and shoulders and leaving you hands free to clean them. You can even remove the cover and stick it in the wash for a more thorough clean - fantastic., From Birth, £9.95

Harbour Town Squirters

As part of its Harbour Town range, Sassy has developed some new colourful boats – the harbour town squirters. Kids love toys in the bath, and these different styles of boats with their colourful features are sure to be a hit. Each boat has holes to collect in water for some squirty water fun. Kids can create their own little boat town in the bathtub, making bath time fun, although at the early stages you may have to brush up on your boat chugging noises.

Sassy work with development experts in the creation of their toys and bath time helps to develop important motor skills. Through make believe and bringing characters to life, your youngsters will learn through play and have creative fun along the way. They come in packs of two and there are six characters to collect., From Birth, £6.99

Cupcake Babies Bath

Babies BathLittle Boy In Cupcake Inflatable Bath

This is a great little invention for both home and travel. Ideal from when your little ones can hold their own heads, the cupcake baby bath is quick to inflate and can sit in any space from your outside garden to your kitchen sink. Its dimensions are 22cm across x 35cm high and it’s been designed ergonomically so you can place in a sink and stand up when your baby’s in it without being bent over all the time.

The inflatable seating and sides makes it comfy for a baby and the seating is designed so they won’t topple over in it. When finished with, it’s easy to tip the water out, rinse and deflate. The best part about it is its portability and it comes with its own little carry case to take anywhere you go. Whether it’s to the grandparents or on holiday this piece of kit is a travelling gem., From Birth, £39

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