Build your body confidence

Images of ultra-ripped celebs and models are everywhere, and the average man is nowhere to be seen. It’s no surprise body confidence is at a serious low...

Around 4.7million UK men are unhappy with the way they look, while 29% of parents feel ugly on a daily basis. A fortunate 16% of parents are happy with their bodies, but millions are sucked into an unhealthy cycle of short-term dieting, depression, eating disorders and cosmetic procedures.

A little while ago the Be Real: Body Confidence for Everyone campaign highlighted the worrying statistics, including 5.5million men not exercising because of body anxiety. 15% of men surveyed said they have skipped meals to lose weight, and a fifth said they return to their previous weight after dieting.

Short-term diet and health fixes may be a very temporary solution to improving body image, but longer-term goals are the most sensible way. Steadily increasing exercise, through walking, a gentle run or cycling to work, and gradually cutting back on the unhealthy things we eat by swapping the crisps or chocolate at lunch for some fruit, are just small changes that will start to have a positive impact. 

You’re more likely to achieve your own health and fitness goals if you have someone to buddy up with, so whether it’s a partner or a mate, set yourselves small targets to try and achieve, but don’t obsess. If you feel healthy, that’s the most important thing!

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a body image rut, not everyone will look like Matthew McConaughey when they’re 45, but for every uber-sculpted Hollywood star, there are a million other guys who should be happy with the way they look. 

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Guest Sunday, 31 May 2020

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