How to Achieve That Elusive Six Pack

If you think it's time to get in shape, but don't know where to start, take a few hints from this guy... Rob Edmond, Ex-SAS and TV Personal Trainer has the enviable physique that speaks for itself. He shared his top tips with

Rob needed to work a bit harder on his Lion King tribute show.

Eat right 

Get good at nutrition. Unless you're crossing the Arctic when you can pretty much eat what you want and still wash clothes on your belly, you really need to manage what you consume.  Excess fat can be partly down to locking in all those toxins you are regularly consuming.  By eating clean and keeping hydrated you can release them, and no, that doesn't mean a take away in the bath but consuming foods which are natural and unprocessed.  Keep the carbs complex and limited, the fats varied and plentiful (it's good for you) and the veg intake even higher (it's really good for you) and you will see the difference in weeks.

Muscle focus

Concentrate on the biggest muscles of your body. Blast your legs and glutes rather than your core which people generally spend far too much time on (pop your Swiss ball if it helps) - you get a lot more lean body mass, energy usage and fat burning effect from using your biggest muscles in anger than your smaller ones. Plus when done properly with heavy weights your abs take a real blasting - if they don't then you're not working hard enough.   

Feel inclined

A few sets of hill sprints a week will fire up your metabolism and fast track you to your six-pack Yes, they are notoriously hard but they are short and are one of the best minute-per-minute sessions you can do. Find a small hill with a good surface and run up at full speed as many times as you can to exhaustion.  

Target groups

Compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, pull-ups & presses.  Concentrate on the big moves which will increase your testosterone, build greater muscle mass quicker and consume more energy in the session and also after when resting.  Go heavy with great technique, set yourself targets and then smash them to bits.  

Be explosive

Unless you like endurance exercise and have the time for hours on the road you'd better get some specific conditioning work in too, to get the most calories-burnt-per-minute you have available.  Keeping good technique but going faster, more explosively, higher repetition and generally enjoying it - pulling, pushing, crawling, jumping, sprinting, dragging and gurning your way to a six pack.  Throw in some Strongman training and you will have a heart of a lion by the time you have the belly of an Adonis. 

So, there you go. Sounds like a breeze! 

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