Can you boost your kid’s brain power?

Nurturing a child genius may be a tricky feat, but you can help to boost brain development from an early age 

Between birth and two years old is the key period when infants need DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) for brain development and to aid their longer term neuro-cognitive function. DHA is required during foetal and child development for the growth of healthy eyes, plus the heart, brain and central nervous system. DHA deficiency could also be a possible cause of some behavioural and mood disorders affecting children.

Breast milk may not have sufficient levels of DHA if the mother lacked DHA during pregnancy and breast-feeding, and even many milk formulas may be lacking.

Vitamin D deficiency is also on the rise in the UK, and this can lead to rickets in children, particularly among Asian, Afro Caribbean and Middle Eastern infants, children and adolescents. The UK Department of Health recommends all infants and children aged six months to five years take a vitamin D supplement.

BrightStart Vitamin D Drops (£7.99, health stores, contain 400iu of Vitamin D along with essential nutrients; Vitamins A, E and DHA. Suitable for children aged one to five years, they’re perfect for fussy eaters.

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