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Vote for the UK’s best baby changing room and win a family break

Changing nappies is hardly a pleasant experience, but it should be a relatively hassle-free. Sadly doing this when out and about can sometimes be a troublesome task…

Nothing can really prepare a new dad for the highs and lows of taking care of a newborn. Whilst there’s one thing only a mum can do, which is to breastfeed, a dad can help with everything else. Society tends to think that men hover outside baby changing rooms,  and this may explain why baby facilities tend to be geared to women. As we all know, this is a serious oversight, dads change nappies too!

We asked Midwife Nikki Khan to share her nifty nappy-changing knowledge…

“What could retailers do to make baby changing facilities more dad friendly and in turn, what men can do to make changing a baby an easier experience? Let’s start with retailers…

  • Sign post facilities and make more of them unisex. Perhaps even a notice on the door saying ‘Dads are welcome’.
  • Men tend to travel light. So some baby wipes, nappy rash ointment and emergency nappies would be really useful. These could be available in a dispenser or better still, complimentary. A great way to build customer loyalty and probably more effective than a loyalty card. 
  • A changing table with adjustable height – men (and women) are not all the same size!
  • Some soothing music? Although football fans might argue that the sport scores wouldn’t go amiss.”

Nikki’s tips for dads…

1. Never leave home without the basics for changing a baby plus an extra nappy because you never can be sure how many you might need.

2. Know where the nearest baby changing facilities are by using the NCT Babychange app.

3. Pack some nappy rash ointment to help prevent nappy rash and keep your little one happy. 

Vote for the UK’s best baby changing room and win a family hotel break

Ashton Kutcher took to social media this year to vent his angst about poorly equipped changing rooms and highlighted a very good point: dads change nappies too.

Thousands of dads across the country agreed and championed Kutcher’s campaign to improve baby changing room facilities. 

This October, Sudocrem Care & Protect launched the third ‘Baby Changing Room Awards’, where the public vote for who they believe provides the best baby changing room facilities. Last year saw Sainsbury’s in Wandsworth, London crowned the winner. 

If you would like to nominate a changing room for the award and be entered in to a prize draw for the chance to win prizes including a mini-break at Knoll House, Britain’s original family-friendly hotel, then email your choice to

Just tell us which baby changing room you want to nominate and why. The more dads show that they care about where and how they change the nappy, the happier you – and your little ones – will be.  



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