Could You Survive In A Post-Apocalyptic World? 

Ever wondered how would you cope in a post-apocalyptic universe, where violent survivors roam the wasteland, fighting for food, stealing supplies and exploiting a lawless world? Now you can test your mettle at the frighteningly real Wasteland Experience, but hurry… the end of this immersive, combat attraction is nigh…

Could you survive the Wasteland Experience?

With the cities of the UK obliterated by nuclear explosions, the world as we know it has ended. Six years later, the few survivors have either banded together to form tribes in order to survive, or have gone insane. Conflict and horror are a way of life. Nobody can be trusted and nobody is safe. Your mission in the Wasteland Experience, the world’s first truly post-apocalyptic combat scare attraction, is to rescue the innocent from the marauding thugs that roam the facility you’ve been sent to secure… and survive yourself.

Amazingly, this is all happening just a short hop from the M4 in a 25,000 sqft abandoned shopping mall in Reading (which admittedly can look slightly post-apocalyptic anyway after the Boxing Day sales). From my slightly apprehensive start to the adrenalin-packed finish, I loved it. Worryingly, life is so exciting inside, it was kinda hard to leave and go back to the real world, where I didn’t have to ‘clear’ a room before running in to it, and make life or death decisions every 10 minutes. 

The Wasteland Experience.

The actors – goodies and baddies, dressed in suitable Mad Max style – guide you and your team through the two-hour-plus experience, shouting orders, and making sure you’re where you need to be so the storyline flows. But within that, there are choices to make that will determine whether you live or die – a pretty good test of your metal and how you’d handle a world which no longer has a ‘comfort zone’. To help, you and your teammates are armed with lifelike iCombat tactical training system laser guns, used by police and military around the globe, that bang, recoil, muzzle flash and hit their targets without any projectiles being fired (a welcome relief after the stinging pain of a paintball).

Zed Events' The Wasteland Experience runs until the end of August.   

The team behind the Wasteland Experience, Zed Events, also created the popular 'Zombie Shopping Mall Experience' which ran for six years, but they’ll soon be moving to new premises as the shopping mall is soon to be revamped, so if you’re organising a stag, celebrating a birthday, or just fancy something different to do with your partner (and older kids) in the holidays, you have until the end of August to sign up. Good luck! 

To book the Wasteland Experience, visit (children must be aged 16 and over).


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