A pregnancy is one of those events in our lives where we are likely to experience lots of different thoughts and feelings – joy and delight, anxiety or shock, and from time to time, a fair bit of confusion!  It isn’t uncommon to feel out of our depth from time to time, as we are plunged into a new world of unfamiliar choices, appointments and jargon. Sometimes us dads can even feel that there isn’t a great deal we can do or be involved with, but this just is not true.


Studies show that dad’s presence makes a huge difference at both the birth and in the development of a child, so it is important we understand how and why, so we can choose to make that influence as positive as possible. Knowledge is power, and this section covers the essential topics, from a guide to labour, through to your legal rights as a dad.


Use these resources to keep up to date with the pregnancy and how month by month your unborn son or daughter is changing, learn how to support your wife/partner through different experiences and find out how to make the birth and positive an experience as possible for you all.  If you don’t know what’s happening, you’ll miss out, so get informed!