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Denied access and not allowed on BC

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I'm a new member as of today

Ill give a little background first.

Me and the mother to our unborn child separated about 7 months ago, 1 week after separating she told me she was pregnant. I'm not proud of my reaction. I was not there for her through the first 4 months. But a few months ago tried to correct my mistakes and could not speak with her but to no prevail. i have been trying to get in touch by contacting on facebook, getting friends and family to do the same I've also gone to the extent of sending letters to her address. I have been speaking to her today (finally) and she refuses to let me see him. Refuses for me to be allowed on the birth certificate and is being very unreasonable. I told her it would go to mediation and she is throwing every swearword at me. I get that she is mad but we should both do right by our son. She has now blocked all contact again.

He is due 14/06/23.

I just wanted to know anyone has any advice for me as i'm a little in the dark with what rights dads have these days.


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I suggest you wait for child to be born, then give mother some time to recover. Then see if she will let you see child.

Posted : 03/04/2023 5:28 pm

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