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When to talk to child

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Hello my child is now 10 years old. I never lived with his mother. He has never seen us as a couple together, we don’t really talk to each other. Now he is 10 I am wondering if it’s time to talk to him about his situation. He spends court ordered time between us both and as far as I am aware he is happy with the situation, but as he gets older I presume he will have questions, even concerns about things. Have any of you been through this, how did you address it without causing any anxiety for the child? Thank you

Topic starter Posted : 14/11/2022 10:25 am
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I think it's better to avoid any mention of court orders or child arrangements to the child. It's possible you might end up in court in future about some child dispute, and if court/cafcass are made aware you discuss these things with child, they will have a go at you. I think child is too young for that. Maybe you can give child impression that you have informal arrangements with ex, and things did not work out between the two of you, and that's why you don't live together.

Posted : 14/11/2022 2:59 pm

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