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[Solved] Child scared of mother

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Hi I’m looking for some advice my 12 yr old daughter is physically terrified of my ex partner she constantly threatens her with violence when she’s not actually hitting her she calls her vile names constantly putting her down she banned my daughter and my 2 sons from seeing me changed there names 1 legally 2 not legally things came to a head last week my daughter contacted me stating she was scared to be in the house with her mother and she wanted to come and live with me which I would love nothing more I’ve been there since day 1 for all my kids but my ex and her mother have poisoned both boys against me filling there heads with lies she tried the same with my daughter but she can’t because of the bond between me and my daughter I got a phone call tonight my daughter had been texting me over the weekend and my ex went through her phone read our conversation and went ballistic my daughter was terrified and ran to my parents house they called me so I flew to there house and my daughter was in complete bits she was terrified to go back then the ex came storming up with my sons demanding I bring my daughter out I refused and she called the police they came out and I explained the whole situation they then went out and spoke to the ex a female officer took my daughter into another room and spoke to her and my daughter told her she was scared to go back there and that she wanted to live with me I was told by the officer my daughter could stay till 9pm then I had to take her back as all her clothes were there and she had a school trip the next day I reluctantly took her back but I’m really really concerned for her safety and there’s no way I’ll sleep tonight I’m so worried and confused what I can do for my daughter any help or advice would be very much appreciated

Topic starter Posted : 16/07/2019 5:12 am
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Hi there

I’ve moved your post into its own thread.

This is a really distressing situation for your daughter. Have you spoken to the school today?

I’m surprised at the police officer to be frank, if your daughter is being physically assaulted, the authorities have a duty of care towards her.

With allegations such as these the police should also contact children services, do you know if that happened? If not, I think its important that you contact them with your concerns, your daughter is old enough to be spoken to about what is happening to her. Hopefully something can be put in place to protect her.

Best of luck

Posted : 16/07/2019 3:01 pm

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