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Concerns About Social Worker's Response to My Child's Needs

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Hello everyone,

I'm here seeking some advice and guidance regarding a situation involving my child and the social services. I'll try to keep it as straightforward as possible.

My child has severe special needs, and I have legitimate concerns about the suitability of my ex-wife's care for him. To ensure these concerns are documented and addressed appropriately, I've sent recorded and signed letters outlining my worries to the social worker responsible for my son's case. However, I've received no acknowledgment or response to any of these letters. It's as if they've been completely disregarded.

I've also attempted to discuss my concerns in person, but the social worker appears to ignore the matters I've raised. This lack of acknowledgment or response is deeply concerning to me. I want to make sure that my concerns are not only heard but duly recorded. My primary motivation is the well-being of my child.

In the event that something preventable were to happen to my son due to the concerns I've raised being ignored, I want the social services to be accountable for their failure to address these warnings.

So, my questions are:

What steps can I take to ensure that my concerns are documented and taken seriously by the social services?
Is there a specific protocol or channel I should follow to escalate this issue?
How can I ensure that my child's well-being is the top priority in this situation?
Any advice or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this and offer your insights.

Best regards,

Topic starter Posted : 02/09/2023 2:36 am
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If you think social services are not addressing your concerns properly,  I suggest you follow up using their complaints procedure. 

Posted : 03/09/2023 12:04 pm
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If you child is old enough to be in school, you can talk to their welfare person about your concerns

Posted : 04/09/2023 10:42 am
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@champagne Thanks for your input. My child has severe special needs and not in school. That's the reason I am so concerned because my child can not express himself, his wishes or even if someone mistreat him.

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2023 5:25 pm
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@bill337 Thanks. I just finished writing a letter to the head of Children's Services explaining my concerns and uncooperative behaviour from the social worker allocated to my child's case.

Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2023 5:27 pm

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