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[Solved] Pregnant GF of 11w just left me!

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I'm falling to pieces here and I don't know where else to turn to.

So my girlfriend and I are around 11 weeks pregnant and the hormones have been somewhat difficult. My girlfriend has a (nearly) 3 years old girl and the whole pregnancy thing is a new thing for me entirely.

I've done lots of reading and research on how to help support my girlfriend and I've done as much as I can to make her comfortable and happy but over the last couple of weeks I've felt she's been pushing me away, keeping me at arms length. We don't have sex anymore (going from 4-5 times a week), she doesn't touch or cuddle me anymore, barely get a kiss on the lips and if I try to initiate some affection, she calls me needy and pushes me off.

Before she was pregnant we were really happy but over the last few weeks, she's lost her best friend, she lost her job and she's been really stressed out.

She went for her last shift at work today and I got a Facebook message (a *** message) saying she thinks from over a week ago, that our unborn child has died, she feels nothing, but a little pain and no bleeding. And that she can't deal with my "emotional shallowness" and doesn't love me anymore. I've done everything I can to keep her happy and not once have I though about myself. I've been sometimes emotional because I've been anxious or worries about the pregnancy, or the fact that she's been pushing me away.

She's had a lot of harsh banter from her so-called friends about her relationship and pregnancy and I feel that with her hormones, she's taken this as a serious thing.

She's the love of my life and I have no idea what to do.

Can anyone please give me any advice to help me sort this out and keep my family together?

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2018 11:56 pm
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Hi there

I’m so sorry to hear that youre struggling.

It sounds to me that you GF could be suffering from anxiety/depression, it’s worrying that she thinks there’s something wrong with the baby.

You’re right that hormones can change the way a woman behaves during pregnancy, but unfortunately, if she asked you to step back, you will have t respect her wishes.

Just let her know that you understand how difficult things are for her right now, that it’s not your intention to make her anxiety worse and you will respect her wishes. Let her know that you are there for her, if she needs anything. Urge her to go and see her GP about her worries about the baby, so that she can get it checked out properly.

Hopefully, if you give her some space, and show her how understanding you are and how strong you’re being, she will change her mind and come round... give her some space and see what happens.

In the meantime, try and keep yourself busy, and try not to guilt yourself out, being the strong one and listening to her and showing you respect her feelings, is the best way to deal with it.

Best of luck

Posted : 09/09/2018 4:10 pm

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