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Sleeping Arrangements

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Hi all.

After a bit of advice if I may.

Currently have 2 children aged 7(boy) and 13 (girl) who i see 2 times a month for sleepovers, increasing to 4 times soon. I live with my new partner in our 2 bedroom house and we are expecting a baby august time.

We are currently going through planning to extend so 2 bed to a 3 bed and increase the living space downstairs by another 2m x 6m.

My Ex wife has sent a pretty abrupt email stating that both children need to have their own bedrooms, however, the space just doesn't allow for it, nor does my financial situation to be able to move as she wont release me from the old mortgage so we are stuck. We are spending 70k+ as it is.

Am i right in thinking that bunkbeds are fine? I don't see this being an issue as 26/30 days a month this room will be not required anyway. We cant just move to a 4/5 bed as that is unrealistic and would never happen.


What would cafcass say? what would the courts say?


I am happy to purchase sofa beds as the downstairs space will be 13m x 4m in total so plenty of space.


Any help is appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 27/01/2022 10:26 am
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I doubt courts/cafcass would make a big deal out of the living arrangements. When I went through courts, I made them aware that kids are living in ridiculously over-crowded flat at mothers address. They didn't seem bothered. they acknowledged over-crowding and moved onto next subject. separate beds or bunk bed should be fine.

Posted : 27/01/2022 12:54 pm

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